Customer Case Studies

With a focus on serverless technology, Data Army have implemented a wide-range of solutions for our clients.

Each case study showcases the solution we used to resolve business problems common to companies managing data at scale.


Creating a Global Geospatial Data Platform

Archistar’s mission is to empower everyone to make confident and compliant property decisions through data, AI and user-friendly platforms. 

Data Army was engaged to design and implement a global geospatial data platform to support Archistar’s solutions and their mission.


Carbon Footprint Data Made Easy

Assisting FootprintLab to make their data globally available over an application programming interface (API) and build a data platform that can scale in line with their business.


Leveraging the Modern Data Stack

Elevating the maturity of this bank’s data management practices, while maintaining its commitment to security and regulatory compliance.

MA Money

Growth Unlocked With RMBS Public Term Issuance Success

To fulfill the regulatory requirements for the RMBS issuance and to fuel MA Money’s growth plans, Data Army delivered a modern data solution with a focus on data quality and integrity.


Resolving Scalability Issues with AWS Serverless

Migration of Oracle matching engine to address scalability issues and reduce ongoing fees using AWS Lambda and Amazon DynamoDB.


Legacy Database Migration from On-Premise to AWS Cloud

Migration of 50 legacy on-premise databases to AWS RDS PostgreSQL to improve resilience and productivity while reducing risk.


A Serverless Web Application with Amazon Cognito and Active Directory

An on-premise back office application re-engineered as a static website accessible via Cognito using AD, in S3 with global caching.