Data Army Partnerships

Data Army partners with select cloud-native technology vendors who align with our values and vision.


Data Army partners with top technology vendors in the industry. We work with these vendors and specialise in their market-leading cloud and IT products to build solutions that answer our clients’ business problems.

We bring the expertise; our partners bring cutting-edge technology and our clients reap the benefits.

Our current partnerships include:

AWS Select Tier Services Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Partner

As part of a global community of AWS partners, we leverage programs, expertise and resources to design and build innovative cloud solutions. Most importantly, we solve technical challenges to deliver real value for clients.

Our AWS partnership and certification validates our knowledge and skills in the AWS solution set, so you can be certain you’ll be working with qualified and experienced consultants when you choose Data Army.

Snowflake Services Partner Select

Snowflake Services Partner Select Tier

Snowflake unlocks near-infinite data opportunities with its single, global platform. Snowflake is a solution for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, data application development, and securely sharing and consuming shared data.

We help drive migrations or Snowflake implementations with design, preparation, re-platforming and performance optimisation.

Using Snowflake, we help businesses unlock data opportunities.

Datadog logo

Datadog Partner Network

Data Army is a partner in the Consultant / Systems Integrator track of Datadog’s Partner Network.

Datadog delivers the essential monitoring and security platform for cloud applications. By bringing together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs, Datadog offers observability and system monitoring of applications and infrastructure. This provides the assurance that our systems are secure and running as intended with little or no downtime.

FiveTran Partner badge

FiveTran Consulting Partner

As the leader in automated data integration, Fivetran delivers ready-to-use connectors that automatically adapt as schemas and APIs change, ensuring consistent, reliable access to data.

Data Army rely on FiveTran to deliver ready-to-query data into cloud warehouses. We share the common goal of agile analytics for business data-driven decisions.

As a FiveTran Consulting Partner, we help customers implement and maintain a modern analytics environment.

dbt Consulting Partner

dbt™ is a transformation workflow enabling quick and collaborative deployment of analytics code following software engineering best practices such as modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation. Using dbt, we build production-grade data pipelines.

As a dbt Consulting Partner, Data Army is a trusted organisation with expertise in analytics engineering, implementing dbt for our clients and advancing the modern data stack.


Hightouch Solutions Partner

Hightouch’s award-winning reverse ETL platform is used to craft holistic solutions which harness entire customer datasets to deliver highly personalised and unique omnichannel customer experiences.

As a Hightouch Partner, we assist cloud-native companies to realise the full potential of their data across the business using Hightouch.

Coalesce Partner Tier Select

Coalesce Select Partner

Coalesce is the only transformation solution built exclusively for the Snowflake Data Cloud. It empowers data teams to tackle transformations at scale by bringing together the flexibility of
code, the speed of automation, and the ease of a modern visual interface.

As a Coalesce Select Partner and practitioner, we deliver valuable data and insights faster while focusing on data quality, standardisation and governance.

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