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Data Army is a leading Australian consultancy specialising in data-driven transformations. Committed to helping businesses harness the power of data to fuel growth and innovation, we empower businesses on their data journey and unlock new possibilities for success.

Powering your AI/ML Goals

Data Army is your partner in reaching your Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) ambitions.

Because there’s no AI strategy without a data strategy.

We’re on board, are you?

As an early adopter of serverless technology, this approach is baked into almost everything we do at Data Army. We’re passionate about helping businesses take the next step in their cloud journey, to become cloud native and realise some of the many benefits this technology has to offer.

Scalability from on-demand, almost limitless and instant compute power

Shift more operational responsibilities to the cloud, increasing agility and innovation

A pay-as-you-go (PAYG) model based on throughput or execution duration required, so businesses never pay for idle time

Highly available and fault tolerant by design, offers complete peace of mind when productionising solutions to the cloud

What our clients say

format_quoteData Army took the time to understand what we wanted, kept the project within scope and budget, and added significant value with their expertise and suggestions. The integration with Snowflake is something we wouldn’t have thought of, but it has added another distribution channel for our product. They patiently responded to our requests and provided a thorough handover. Couldn’t ask for better.
Tim Baynes
format_quoteWe selected Data Army as our partner because we had confidence in their team’s expertise and capabilities in information modelling and testing. Their strong track record of delivery, proven processes and focus on innovation, aligned perfectly with our project needs and tight timeframe. We were also impressed with their willingness to embed their team into our Agile scrum framework.
format_quoteData Army came in and understood the problem that we were trying to solve and some of the scalability issues that we were having. Data Army was able to build out a solution in some of Amazon’s services that more than met our needs.
Glynn Willis
format_quoteData Army finished the complete re-development of a legacy system which had been in operation since the mid-1990’s. The work included the complete replacement of the tech stack – the back-end databases, front-end UI and everything in between. Add to that the migration of the data! I would have no hesitation in recommending the Data Army team. Their level of professionalism is extremely high and their ability to deal in the technical while communicating with the not-so-technical stakeholders, makes working with them a smooth experience.
Brett Scott
Our Services

Data Engineering

Democratise your data in the cloud for centralised and accessible information across your business.

Data Modelling & Analytics

Gain near real-time insights into your business performance and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Cloud Migration

Seamlessly migrate infrastructure and applications to leverage the pay-per-use model.

Advisory Service

Comprehensive architectural reviews of your current data setup and data strategy development.

Managed Services

Entrust us with the daily operations of your cloud infrastructure or application.

Data Publication

Providing valuable and accessible data to augment your own data.

Why choose us?

With decades of experience working with data at every level of the ecosystem, we have unfortunately seen it all. We understand how valuable data is to our clients, but handling unpredictable data is a specialisation in itself, and something we pride ourselves on.

A deep understanding of how poorly managed and bad data can impact business efficiencies has driven us to architect and develop with the sole aim of democratising data in a safe, secure and reliable way.

Our enablement is significantly enhanced with the emergence of serverless technologies, and this why we choose to specialise in this area.

Our Partnerships

Data Army collaborates with select cloud-native technology vendors, specialising in their market-leading cloud and IT products, to develop solutions that effectively address our clients’ business challenges.

Case Studies
MA Money

Growth Unlocked With RMBS Public Term Issuance Success

To fulfill regulatory requirements and fuel growth plans, a modern data solution was delivered with a focus on data quality and integrity.

Legacy Database Migration from On-Premise to AWS Cloud
Migration of 50 legacy on premise databases to AWS RDS PostgreSQL to improve resilience and productivity while reducing risk.

Leveraging the Modern Data Stack

Elevating the maturity of this bank’s data management practices, while maintaining its commitment to security and regulatory compliance.


Carbon Footprint Data Made Easy

Assisting FootprintLab to make their data globally available over an application programming interface (API) and build a data platform that can scale in line with their business.

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